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Furnace Installation

The Cost of Furnace Installation in Calgary

 One very comforting aspect of life that a lot of us end up taking for granted is heat. From the days when early humans were creating fires in caves to today’s high-tech HVAC installations and oil-burning furnaces, we’re a people that have long sought ways to warm ourselves against the chilly environment. In Calgary, Canada, winters can be downright brutal, and having a proper heating system is a must for anyone looking to get through the season. Though for people who need new furnaces, this might be easier said than done, once you consider pricing.  It's a sad fact of…
Furnace Repair

Signs Winter Has Caused Wear & Tear To Your Furnace

The winters in Calgary can get very cold. To compensate for this cold weather, your furnace will have to work hard day in and day out. This constant usage over the winter months can certainly take a toll on this critical household appliance. In fact, many furnaces suffer wear and tear over the winter. If you are not sure whether or not your furnace has been compromised, here are a few signs to track. If you notice any of these signs, then you may need to invest in furnace repair in Calgary today. The Energy Bills Start To Get More…

6 Signs You Need Furnace Repairs This Winter

The last thing you want in winter is for your furnace to break down. Unfortunately for a lot of people, they don't recognize some telltale symptoms before it is too late.  What are the signs that there are problems with your unit? Below are six signs that you may need furnace repair in Calgary this winter.  1 - The Unit Frequent Starts and Stops The time between a furnace turning on and off automatically is known as a cycle. If your furnace is operating as it should be, the cycle continues until the temperature of your home is set.  However,…
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How to Prepare Your Furnace For Winter

With winter only a few weeks away, you must get your furnace ready for the cold months. These five tips can help you prepare your furnace for winter.  5 Tips To Preparing Your Furnace For Winter 1. Schedule A Furnace Tune-Up Before Winter  You should be contacting a heating professional for furnace tune-up before the start of winter. Having an expert check and service your system is the best way to save you money, and ensure that you have no issues in the middle of winter. 2. Check & Change Your Furnace Filter Your furnace’s filter is a vital component…

Why Hire Experts For Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air duct cleaning is one of the most important things you can do to make sure that your air conditioning and heating system performs at its best. However, a lot of people still don’t take the time to hire an HVAC professional, and here is what you could be missing out on. The Importance Of Getting Air Duct Cleaning Services For Your Home Heating & Cooling System Here is what getting air duct cleaning services can do for you: You will get a better performing and all-round more efficient heating and air conditioning system. It will improve the effectiveness of…
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