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Furnace Installation

The Cost of Furnace Installation in Calgary

 One very comforting aspect of life that a lot of us end up taking for granted is heat. From the days when early humans were creating fires in caves to today’s high-tech HVAC installations and oil-burning furnaces, we’re a people that have long sought ways to warm ourselves against the chilly environment. In Calgary, Canada, winters can be downright brutal, and having a proper heating system is a must for anyone looking to get through the season. Though for people who need new furnaces, this might be easier said than done, once you consider pricing.  It's a sad fact of…

The Benefits of Smart Home Technology for HVAC Systems

Installing smart home technology to your property is all the rage. And it’s with good reason: there are plenty of benefits that come with having smart home automation connected to your HVAC systems. The 4 Benefits That Come With Connecting Smart Home Technology To Your HVAC Systems Complete Control Over Your HVAC Systems Imagine a control system that lets you manage another room in the house while you’re sitting on the couch. Think about the convenience when it comes to managing your HVAC systems throughout your home. You can schedule to run a certain time, turn it off when you…

4 Reasons Duct Cleaning in the Summer is Essential

With summer finally arriving, it is time to get professional duct cleaning services. If you don't, you will be missing out a heap of benefits, including the following... Four Reasons To Clean Your Ducts In Summer Safety Against Allergies, Diseases & More Perhaps the number one reason you should look to get your ducts cleaned in the summer is to protect your home. Dust, contaminants and other in your ducts mean you are increasing the risk of getting allergies, getting diseases, and getting sick. Clean ducts mean only clean air runs through your home, so you know you and your…

How to Save Money With your Calgary A/C Installation

With summer coming fast around the corner, it is time to get an air conditioner. Whether you are replacing an old model or getting an upgrade, you will have to consider the implications of the installation fee and process. You want to get the best service, but not spend too much on it either. Here is how you can one while saving on the A/C installation. Check Out Promotional Deals On Air Conditioners & A/C Installation Services Without question, you should always be keeping an eye out for promotional deals and specials that HVAC manufacturers can be offering. HVAC companies…

Why Doesn’t My Air Conditioning Have Cool Air?

Summer is on its way! So you start cranking up the air conditioner, and what do you know: your air conditioner is not pushing through any cool air. What gives? Before you go calling in a professional air conditioning repair company in Calgary, here are six reasons on what could be happening. Your thermostat isn’t working Test out your thermostat to make sure it is not the reason that it is causing you not to have cool air. If it turns out to be the thermostat, it could be the wiring, which an air conditioning expert has to sort out…
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