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Furnace Installation

The Cost of Furnace Installation in Calgary

 One very comforting aspect of life that a lot of us end up taking for granted is heat. From the days when early humans were creating fires in caves to today’s high-tech HVAC installations and oil-burning furnaces, we’re a people that have long sought ways to warm ourselves against the chilly environment. In Calgary, Canada, winters can be downright brutal, and having a proper heating system is a must for anyone looking to get through the season. Though for people who need new furnaces, this might be easier said than done, once you consider pricing.  It's a sad fact of…

When is the Best Time For Calgary Furnace Duct Cleaning

Getting the furnace ducts cleaned in your Calgary home is vital for the safety and health of your family. If you do not clean your vents, they grow full of bacteria and dust, which will be spread throughout your home when the furnace is running. To secure the health and safety of your family, it is imperative that you get your ducts cleaned by a furnace repair company in Calgary. But the question is, when is the best time to do it? Get Furnace Duct Cleaning After Winter After several months of your furnace running at full tilt around the…

How Much Does a Calgary Furnace Installation Cost?

If you think it might be time for a furnace replacement, one of the first questions to ask yourself is, ‘how much will it cost?’ As with most services, the cost varies based on a number of variables, but this article will give you some things to consider as you prepare for a new furnace installation. Factors That Influence Furnace Installation Costs Keep in mind that the following factors are likely to affect the price of a furnace installation. Furnace Brand Size of Home Type of Furnace Get Multiple Quotes for Furnace Installation One of the most important things to…

Why You Should Do Furnace Maintenance in The Summer

Hot weather tends to lead to thoughts of barbecues, swimming, and ice cream, not thoughts of your furnace. You may not use the furnace during the summer, but that’s a great time of year to pay it a little attention. Here’s why you should schedule furnace repair during the summer. Take Advantage of the Slow Season Homeowners often wait until fall to get their furnaces ready for winter, so heating companies are often busy then. Scheduling an annual visit from a Calgary heating company during the summer makes it easier to get an appointment that’s convenient for you. You may…

Prepare for Warmer Weather in Calgary with an A/C Installation

Warmer weather is on its way, so prepare to enjoy it with a new air conditioning unit. Keeping your home cool is important as the outside temperature climbs; it helps keep you and your family comfortable. Use spring to get ready for the hot weather of summer with Calgary AC installation. Keep Your Home Cool with Calgary Air Conditioning The most obvious benefit of Calgary air conditioning is that it keeps your home cool and comfortable. As the weather heats up, the temperature inside your home stays comfortable with air conditioning. This makes things more pleasant during the day and…
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