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5 Tips to Help You Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring

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Spring is the perfect time of year to spruce up your HVAC system and make sure it’s running properly. Follow these five tips to make sure your HVAC system is ready for warmer weather.

Check Your Air Filters

Clogged, or dirty air filters are a leading cause of HVAC system malfunctions. Replace or clean your air filter at least once a month for best results.

Keep Your Unit Clean

Some pieces of your HVAC system, including air conditioner, could be located outside of your home. Calgary heating companies suggest that you check your unit to make sure it isn’t being obstructed by any debris from the winter months.

Test Drive Your HVAC System

Before the warmer weather sets in, it’s important to test your system. If you hear any unusual noises, if your system has a hard time turning on, or you notice pooling of water, your system could be in need of repair.

Schedule an Inspection with a Calgary Heating Company

Professional heating and cooling companies suggest that you get full inspection of your HVAC annually. They will make sure that your unit is fully functional and ready for the seasonal changes.

Trust the Professionals With Your HVAC System

Calgary heating companies are well versed in all areas of your HVAC system and know how to make sure your units are working properly. By taking the time to have your system inspected you can save energy and improve the air quality of your home.

Horizon Heating offers full service HVAC inspection and repair to keep you cool this summer.

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