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How Much Does a Calgary Furnace Installation Cost?

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If you think it might be time for a furnace replacement, one of the first questions to ask yourself is, ‘how much will it cost?’ As with most services, the cost varies based on a number of variables, but this article will give you some things to consider as you prepare for a new furnace installation.

Factors That Influence Furnace Installation Costs

Keep in mind that the following factors are likely to affect the price of a furnace installation.

Furnace Brand

Size of Home

Type of Furnace

Get Multiple Quotes for Furnace Installation

One of the most important things to look is a company that offers free quotes and estimates. It’s easier to trust a company that doesn’t charge you right away. Contact multiple Calgary heating companies and get quotes from each of them. After doing some research into the benefits of each company, you should be able to make an informed decision.

Cost of a Furnace Installation

In general, you can count on the cost of a furnace installation being between $3000 and $7000. Some companies that charge more for a furnace replacement might give you a quote that is upwards of $10000.

It’s important to keep in mind that an energy efficient furnace will save you money in the long run. Buying a new furnace and paying for the installation might seem like a tough pill to swallow, but the new options on the market today are more energy efficient than ever before; you may see your monthly energy bill drastically reduced when you get a furnace installation in Calgary.

Other Options

Regular furnace maintenance and furnace repairs in Calgary can prevent, or at least prolong the need for an expensive furnace replacement. In addition, you might choose to get a humidifier or an air conditioner installed at the same time; these options will increase the price, but they will also improve your quality of life.

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