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Why Doesn’t My Air Conditioning Have Cool Air?

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Summer is on its way! So you start cranking up the air conditioner, and what do you know: your air conditioner is not pushing through any cool air. What gives? Before you go calling in a professional air conditioning repair company in Calgary, here are six reasons on what could be happening.

  1. Your thermostat isn’t working
    Test out your thermostat to make sure it is not the reason that it is causing you not to have cool air. If it turns out to be the thermostat, it could be the wiring, which an air conditioning expert has to sort out for you.
  2. Your air filter has clogged up
    It is the first thing an air conditioning repair company will check. Your air filters could be clogged up with dust and debris, blocking any cool air coming through to your home. You’ll need to get it cleaned for it to flow again.
  3. Your outdoor unit is coated in dirt and debris
    Sometimes it has nothing to do with what is happening inside your system, but outside it. If the outdoor unit is covered in dirt and debris, it will clog up the system.
  4. The ductwork is broken and leaking
    If there are any cracks or spaces in the ductwork of your air conditioner, the cool air will start to seep out. It will never reach you, and you’ll wonder why your system is not working.
  5. Refrigerant could be leaking
    There is always a chance that the refrigerant in your air conditioner has started to leak. If there is a leak, the cool air level will drop so you won’t get as much as you would like. You can tell if it is leaking because there is a build up of ice and hissing noises from your machine.
  6. Your system is too old
    Nothing can stop father time, and the same logic applies to your air conditioner. If your air conditioner is too old, it will not work as well as you want it too. Repairing it might not be worth it. At this time, it is better for you to get a new air conditioner installed.

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