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6 Signs You Need Furnace Repairs This Winter

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The last thing you want in winter is for your furnace to break down. Unfortunately for a lot of people, they don’t recognize some telltale symptoms before it is too late. 

What are the signs that there are problems with your unit? Below are six signs that you may need furnace repair in Calgary this winter. 

1 – The Unit Frequent Starts and Stops

The time between a furnace turning on and off automatically is known as a cycle. If your furnace is operating as it should be, the cycle continues until the temperature of your home is set. 

However, if you notice that your furnace starts and stops or doesn’t stop at all, there could be issues with the ignition system or safety controls. You will need to contact a professional to help you. 

2. High Heating Bills

Naturally, your gas and electric bills will rise during winter, but if you notice a sudden increase in your energy bills, that is more than usual or expected, then there could be issues with your system. There could be blockages in your ducts, problems with the thermostat or an issue with your heating unit. Pay attention to your utility bills for signs that your system is in need of a tune-up or repair. 

3. Leaking Gas Or Fluids

Throughout the winter, you should perform regular visual inspections of your system unit to see if there any leaks, condensation or standing water around the furnace. Water leaks could be a sign of heat exchanger problems, humidifier issues, or other malfunctions.

Significantly, if you notice the smell of rotten eggs around your home, or coming from your unit, you must act immediately. Leave the area and call your gas company from a phone outside your home – then call Horizon Heating your Calgary heating company immediately. They will be able to sort out any issues in your unit. 


4. Low Air Flow

There has to be adequate flow of air to ensure that the heat is going through your ducts and into your home. But if you are noticing that the airflow is weak, or you don’t feel anything at all, it is time to bring a professional on board. It could mean that the unit has become obstructed, or the airflow components, like fans and motors, are damaged.

5. No Heat

When there is no heat coming through your ducts, but the thermostat is cranked up, it means you either have problems with the furnace or thermostat. Double-check to see if your thermostat is in the heat mode and that the batteries are good (if applicable), and that there is power to your furnace – if this all checks out, then it’s time to bring in an expert. 

6. Rattling or Whining Sounds

Your furnace will always make a background noise when it is on. But if you notice that the sounds are changing erratically, between rattles and whining, there could be issues with the belt, motor or a faulty ignition system. Time to call in a Calgary furnace repair expert. 

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