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How to Prepare Your Furnace For Winter

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With winter only a few weeks away, you must get your furnace ready for the cold months. These five tips can help you prepare your furnace for winter. 

5 Tips To Preparing Your Furnace For Winter

1. Schedule A Furnace Tune-Up Before Winter 

You should be contacting a heating professional for furnace tune-up before the start of winter. Having an expert check and service your system is the best way to save you money, and ensure that you have no issues in the middle of winter.

2. Check & Change Your Furnace Filter

Your furnace’s filter is a vital component of the running of your unit, so it is important that you check it before winter starts. Changing it regularly is helpful for your furnace. 

3. Inspect Your Thermostat 

Much like your filter is a vital component of your furnace unit, so is the thermostat. It determines the efficiency of your furnace system, and if it is not working correctly, you won’t get the maximum out of our unit. Make sure that your thermostat is set for winter, and program it for your schedule. You should also check the battery, and replace it if it not delivering the required power. 

4. Check To See If The Furnace’s Burners are Free of Dust and Debris

Over the summertime, debris and dust can accumulate on the furnace’s burners. That blockage can cause problems down the line, so to make sure the burners are cleaned and free of any dust or debris, call a professional. Don’t do it yourself as it can be dangerous. Leave it to a furnace professional that is trained to handle it. They will also do it as part of the tune-up, if you schedule it. 

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5. Ensure That All Heating Vents Are Completely Uncovered

Your heating vents need to be cleared before you start using them. Blocked vents not only prevent heat from getting out but can lead to an overheated furnace, which can cause damage, requiring you to get furnace repair services. Getting periodical duct cleaning will help make sure your ducts are cleared for winter. Book an appointment with a professional.  

If you apply the above tips to prepare your furnace maintenance for winter, you and your family will enjoy a relaxing, and stress-free, winter. 

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